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NPORS Operator Training

NPORS training and testing is carried out in line with published course objectives and learning outcomes which are derived from the National Occupational Standards.

Once employers have assessed whether a person is suitable for the role of Plant Operator, they can decide what route that person should then follow. For example a novice, operator, experienced operator that requires training or even an experienced operator that doesn’t require any further trianing. An NPORS Accredited Training Provider (ATP) will then complete a pre-assessment of the operator to determine the level of training required.

NPORS Operator Card

The NPORS Operator Card is a record of the training or assessment an individual has undertaken that proves their ability to safely operate an item of plant machinery/equipment. Registration with NPORS lasts for three or five years from the date of first initial test unless you obtain the NPORS CSCS trained operator card which last 2 years. Always in line with industry standards, ensuring that your trianing is always up to date and relevant.

Validating An NPORS Operator Card

The categories on the reverse of the Operator Card can be validated by scanning the QR code on the front of the card, using the online card checker or by contacting NPORS on
01606 351240.

How to achieve an NPORS CSCS Operator Card

How to achieve an NPORS Operator Card

The achievement of an NPORS Operator Card is a straightforward process designed to ensure that candidates follow the correct path to achievement. At the same time, it offers employers a credible, flexible and cost-effective alternative plant operator card.

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