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Accredited Training Providers (ATP)

An ATP may be an organisation or individual providing training on a commercial basis or a company conducting internal training on a non-commercial basis.

The main conditions of accreditation are that ATP’s are to use qualified and experienced instructors only, follow the NPORS approved course syllabus and are subject to regular monitoring by NPORS. The training must also be carried out in suitable premises, which can be a dedicated training centre or a specific area at the employer’s premises. Plus, whilst employers may operate their own in-house training schemes, they may find it useful to have them delivered by an NPORS Accredited Training Provider.

Prior to accreditation by NPORS, ATP’s must have met the pre-application requirements and have completed an audit process to ensure they have the facilities and resources in place to process operator applications.

An ATP who has a dedicated training centre will have also completed a technical audit and assessment to ensure the centre is a safe environment for trainees and that all facilities are in place to conduct training and assessments.

An ATP can hold different statuses depending upon the nature of business, there are three types of Accredited Training Providers.


An organisation providing training and testing on a commercial basis. Instructors registered to a commercial training provider can be used by other training providers.

Corporate Commercial

An organisation providing training and testing on a commercial basis. Instructors registered to a corporate commercial training provider can only be notified and submit operator applications through that training provider.


An organisation delivering training and testing to their own employees and do not work on a commercial basis.


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