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At NPORS our aim has always been to ensure consistent standards, whether that be monitoring training and testing given to operators, or our services to training providers. NPORS got in touch with Bertie Tupper from Bertie Tupper & Co to find out his experience with NPORS so far.

Bertie started out with his own contracting company and owned a JCB Excavator 180° doing landscaping around his local area. Bertie conducted training for a training provider local to his area. This is when he realised his passion for training operators. Bertie then went on to sell his excavator and put the money towards becoming an instructor, he still operates machinery but now he’s mainly an instructor. He has been an instructor for 3 years altogether, but an NPORS instructor for around 18 months. He started Bertie Tupper & Co in 2014 when he sold his excavator. Starting his own company he says he was faced with a lot of challenges, one of which was trying to find work and dealing with challenging clients.

Bertie Tupper & Co joined NPORS as an Accredited Training Provider (ATP) in July 2019 so they are still a relatively new training provider. Speaking to Bertie about his time with NPORS he couldn’t be happier. He thanked NPORS for the continued support he’s received since joining the scheme. Bertie was particularly impressed with NPORS monitors, that they’re always available to give help and information. Bertie particularly likes the fact that NPORS conduct unannounced monitoring visits that are part of NPORS robust quality assurance processes. When applying for operator cards he is impressed with the MyNPORS system through which he can track the progress of applications. The system also sends email confirmations meaning he is able to keep his clients fully up to date from start to finish and he is also able to access temporary pass letters as PDF documents ensuring that candidates are able to operate straight away and not having to wait for the cards to arrive even though in most cases NPORS cards are turned around within 48 hours of application.

It is great to hear how happy Bertie is with NPORS since joining the scheme. We always welcome any feedback from our operators, instructors, and training providers in order to improve our services.

We would also like to thank James (Bertie) Tupper and The Bryce family for their assistance in helping NPORS develop this category.

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