Technical Bulletin No. 20 – April 2018

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Technical Bulletin No. 20 – April 2018


Important Information

We must announce that Derek Mather is no longer employed by NPORS in any capacity. If you have need to contact NPORS regarding monitoring or auditing and would previously have contacted Mr Mather please now contact Mr Jason Dickson 07903 340474, with immediate effect.

Many thanks

NPORS Management.


Out of Hours Amendments to Notifications

If you need to amend or cancel a notification out of normal office hours, a telephone answer service is now available to you so that you may leave a brief message stating NRN number and any amendments or cancellations.

The number is 01656 767612

This number will only accept amendments or cancellations and will not accept bookings. It will only be available out of hours.

Do not call the main office number for out of hours’ amendments as the messages will not reach the monitors and you may be charged if a monitor turns up.


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