Technical Bulletin No. 19 – March 2018

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Technical Bulletin No. 19 – March 2018
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Regional Meetings 2018

It is with regret that we must announce the postponement of all our planned Regional Meetings. This is due to unforeseen circumstances and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Please be assured that all meetings will be rearranged for later in the year and we will issue the revised timetable for these meetings in good time.

Your understanding in this is very much appreciated.


Annual Audits

Having conducted annual audits now for 12 months some anomalies have come to light. One such anomaly is the situation where sole traders who work from home may be required to have their audit conducted at their home. We have discussed this at length and have decided that audits for sole traders can be conducted at a mutually agreeable neutral public venue. This prevents any intrusion into private dwellings and also allows us to maintain our duty of care and safeguarding responsibilities to our audit team.


Refresher Training

There are a number of categories listed in the NPORS Ratios document that clearly state renewal is by 1-day refresher course. N401 Appointed Person is one such category. When booking 1-day refreshers for these courses bear in mind that you must obtain a copy of previous certification or proof of previous training in order to be able to conduct refresher training. If there is no previous certification or proof of previous training available, then the refresher cannot be booked. Operators being profiled to show previous experience does not count as a refresher. EWT’s are not allowed for these categories and therefore full duration training should be conducted.


New Category

We would like to announce the development of a new category N029 Refuse Collection Operative. This course is aimed at local authorities and those companies who employ refuse collection operatives. We would like to thank Mr Iain Taylor of Ochil Training Limited for his assistance in the development of this category. As this is a specific subject area anyone wishing to add the category to their instructor remit they must hold N403 Vehicle Marshall or N133 Plant Machinery Marshal and attend the operator course in order to apply to add the category. Operator courses can be booked with Ochil Training Limited. Contact Iain Taylor on 01577 830 833 or


Out of Hours Amendments to Notifications

If you need to amend or cancel a notification out of normal office hours, a telephone answer service is now available to you so that you may leave a brief message stating NRN number and any amendments or cancellations.

The number is 01656 767612

This number will only accept amendments or cancellations and will not accept bookings. It will only be available out of hours.

Do not call the main office number for out of hours’ amendments as the messages will not reach the monitors and you may be charged if a monitor turns up.


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